It Takes a Year to Walk Around the Sun | VICTORIA EVANS

This floor projected video installation offers a disorientating, closely framed, POV experience of walking and provokes a mimetic response in the viewer. The hypnotic, single-camera, rhythmic montage, combined with overlapping layers of diegetic sound, exposes slippages in how we experience time when walking. It Takes a Year to Walk Around the Sun considers the incongruities between notions of scientific, measured, clock time and the non-linear experience of embodied, lived time.

Inviting us to contemplate our participation in the movement and perpetual becoming of the universe, the piece grew out of a performative Instagram project @IWalkAroundTheSun, filmed daily over 365 days between Midsummer 2016 and 2017, entirely on an iPhone. The year included a period of intensive walking, covering the 500 miles (800 km) from Madrid in Central Spain to Finisterre on the North West coast in 35 days.

Pictured here as part of the conference and group show Pilgrims and Pilgrimages at Govan Old Parish Church, Glasgow, UK, 2018, the piece was first shown at Snehta Gallery, Athens, Greece 2017.


Victoria Evans is a Glasgow-based artist engaged with the tension between lived experience and abstraction. Her work explores ideas of time, location and reality and how the apparatuses of measurement and representation influence perception. She is inspired by science, philosophy, politics and literature.


It Takes a Year to Walk Around the Sun was developed with the support of Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency, Scotland and Snehta Residency, Greece. Installation photos by Pablo Llopis.


It Takes a Year to Walk Around the Sun, Victoria Evans, moving image installation with audio, 11’39” looped, 2018. Photo Pablo Llopis.